Our Facilities

The Pool
At 10ft long and with a 4ft depth, the pool provides ample space for all breeds of dogs. Your dog will be fitted with a comfortable lifejacket to be kept stable in the middle of the pool, swimming against variable jets providing the resistance needed to suit each individual pet. A hoist is available to provide access for larger dogs and for those pets needing extra support.
Free swimming is also possible for smaller dogs.
The water is pleasantly warm at 28-30 degrees Celsius and mildly chlorinated for a safe and healthy environment.
Your dog will be showered clean before and after the swim and dried before leaving if required.

The Waterwalker
The Waterwalker is a highly specially submerged water treadmill. Your dog will enter the Waterwalker via a ramp, which is also the door. Once closed, the water is added slowly to the required level to minimise anxiety.
Being open at the top, this allows you to be in contact with your dog during the session and glass panels on the sides provides the Hydrotherapist with a full view of your dogs movements in the water.
The treadmill works at variable speeds to maximise the benefit required in each individual case. As with the pool, the water is mildly comfortably warm at 27-30 degrees celsius.

The Treatment
A treatment plan will be devised for each patient’s condition following a referral from your Veterinary Surgeon and discussion with you.
Individual animals may react to the water differently; therefore, the first session aims to put both patient and owner at ease. It is important that your dog feels confident with our facilities for us to achieve the desired results of the treatment.
Depending on your animal’s condition, different equipment may be useful at different stages of his treatment.

How can my dog receive Hydrotherapy?
We treat animals on a referral basis from your Veterinary Surgery.
A referral form regarding your dog’s condition needs to be forwarded to our Surgery with all relevant details.
For optimal rehabilitation we will need to discuss each individual case with your Veterinary Surgeon prior to starting any treatment plan.
Once your dog has been referred to us, our Veterinary Surgeon will assess your dog’s condition and in conjunction with the Hydrotherapist, implement a suggested treatment plan.
During your dog’s treatment, our Hydrotherapist will remain in contact with your Veterinary Surgeon, providing reports on your dog’s progress.
With your dog’s treatment under Veterinary Supervision, most Pet Health Insurance Companies will cover the treatment costs – please check individual policies.
This process will be completed by the referring Veterinary Practice in conjunction with any other costs related to the condition.

Click here to download a referral form

Some conditions will, in addition to Hydrotherapy, benefit from further Physiotherapy treatment and advice aswell as an ongoing treatment plan for exercises at home.
For these cases we can refer you to our Chartered Physiotherapist –
Joanne Boddy BA, BSc, MCSP, SRP, Category A ACPAT.
Depending on the type of condition, Joanne may be able to treat your pet either on our premises or at your home.